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Huening Kai
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Huening Kai


Huening Kai is an American-Korean singer, songwriter, dancer, composer, and producer for Big Hit Music. Kai was born on 14th August, 2002 in honolulu hawaii USA,his middle name “kamal” which means “perfect in Arabic” and his Father was born in Brazil and Raised in America, Kai father’s name is Nabil David Huening, he is German. Mother’s name is Jung Yeonji is a Korean woman. who was born in Korea, there are five people in her family: father, mother, elder sister Lea and younger sister Bahiyyih and Huening Kai.

According to a source, his father and mother have separated due to unknown reason. Some say that in 2016, Kai’s father Nabil David had a relationship with a woman with Anne Caroline name, however his father avoids taking pictures of himself and his family on social media. Kai,s younger sister Bahiyyih is a member of girls kep1er worker and bahiyyih recently became Trainee under YG Entertainment. while Elder sister Lea Is a member of girls group viva.


Kai’s family lived in china for a 1 years and when Huening Kai was eight years old. The family moved to South korea. Kai’s holds dual citizenship of the united states and korea, His religion is christianity, and his ethnicity is Asian. currently Kai & his family live in Seoul, south korea every year on 14th August, the Kai have a grand party on their birthday and the whole family gets together enjoy it,

Bio summary

Real Korean NameJung Kai
Also Known AsDiamond Kai, Kamal Heuning, Ning Ning, Hyuka, and Huening Kai,
Age20 Years old (As of 2022)
Birth placeHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
Born on14th August 2002
NationalityKorean, American
Zodiac signLeo
FatherNabil David huening 
MotherJung yeonju
Elder sisterLea navvab
Younger sisterBahiyyih jaleh
Marital statusUnmarried single
Height186cm (6 ft 1 inch)
Weight67kg (148 lbs)
Blood typeA
EducationGraduation students from Hanlim multi Art school

Career Profile

ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Producer, Dancer, and Composer
AgencyBig Hit Music
Debut4 march 2019
Debut to First Win8 days
Active Year Present2019
InstrumentsPiano, Guitar, Drums


Heuning Kai spent her school life in four places., first he was a yongmun middle school student, then he studied in Lila art high school and finally graduated from Hanlim multi Art school in 2019. After that he went to South Korea seoul anam elementary school for some time to study kindergarten.

Career & Singing Profession

At the TTS Debut Showcase on March 5, Kai said that my father is American and my mother is korean. Heuing Kai further described how he wanted to make his debut under Big Hit Entertainment, saying, “My father has developed as a singer in China, so I naturally approached music. Kai has won awards for her amazing voice. He is known to speak languages such as Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Mandarin, and English. If done, that singer earns through social media permotions, Branded Adds live concerts and many other ways. Kai has launched many song albums and dramas with his other members.

The titled of his album are include “still dreaming” ”the chaos chapter” “freez” “the dream chapter” magic” ”our summer” ”force” ”love sight” ”magic eyes” and other, In March 2019, it was revealed that Kai had joined a popular boy band group called TXT’s Formed by Tony Big Hit Music, the group has five members; 

  1. Yeonjun
  2. Beomgyun
  3. Heuning Kai
  4. Taehyun
  5. Soobin

Tony is famous for his magical voice and his innocent face makes him a celebrity just like his father. He also used to participate in his school competitions as a child. Currently, he is known as a popular Korean singer. He can play the piano and has been interested in music since childhood. Tony’s Instagram profile has 1.79 million followers and 1142 posts.

Hobbies and Other Favorite Thing

  • Heuning Kai loves mint chocolate chip flavored ice cream.
  • Kai loves bread.
  • Kai loves seafood and pizza (spotify- k-pop quiz) and pasta are his favorites.
  • Kai’s favorite artist is Bruno mars.
  • One of his TXT’s members says he thinks Kai is a cartoon When he sleeps.
  • Kai’s favorite movies are “August Rush” Spider One Two Three and “begin again” 
  • His favorite colors include sky blue, black and mint colors.
  • Kai says that if she was a girl, she would have dated Soobin.
  • He likes short hair better than long hair.
  • Kai’s favorite fruit is pineapple.
  • Kai also loves cats.
  • In the season he likes the winter weather very much.
  • He very loves to travel to various places with his friends. 
  • His favorite clothing item is a hoodie. 
  • His favorite subject of school was math. 
  • Kai and the TXT’s members are good dancers.
  • Kai likes soft bedding and soft toys.
  • Kai Loves penguins, and orotter.

Amazing Facts About Heuning Kai

  • Kai can play the Piano, Guitar and Drums.
  • Kai can speak in English, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Korean, and mandarin.
  • Kai itself looks like a Unicorn.
  • A member of Kai TXT’s group says that Hyuka is the cutest member of the group.
  • He has won many awards with his magical voice. 

Lifestyle & Relationship

Kai says that he has not yet found someone to whom he can reveal his true feelings. Well, they don’t tell much about themselves and their lifestyle, but after some more searching, we have come to know that Heuning Kai loves to sleep in a soft bed so in her room you will find only soft beds and only soft toys.

Kai doesn’t have a girlfriend but everyone thinks he’s so cute that many Korean girls and American girls fall for him. Because he is a very talented singer And her outlook is so cute and innocent to look at. Some say that his girlfriend’s name is Jeong Yeon but he has not confirmed or talked about it. He is now focusing more on his singing career.

However, he likes to go to new cities and perform concerts with his friends due to his singing career. Because he is known all over the world as a good singer and is loved by people. According to those around him, Tony is a very loving and caring friend and a caring brother according to his sisters.

Heuning Kai Net Worth of 2022

TXT’s “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze” currently holds the group’s highest first-week sales. It sold 630,563 copies from May 31 2021 to June 6, 2021. It is also their best selling album so far as it exceeded 900K sales by the end of 2021 in South Korea alone.

TXT’s is the second best-selling album. The repackaged version of “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze,” titled “The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape. “This repackaged album sold 483,911 copies in the first week of its releasing. It marked the third-highest first-week sales of any repackaged album in the history of the Hanteo Chart. Yeonjun has a net worth of $1.2 million. This makes him the wealthiest member of TEXT. According to a media outlet, EXO as a whole group is approx to have a net worth of over $1 billion USD. But as an individual, Kai has an estimated net worth of around $13 million as of this year 11-July-2022.

Song List

The chaos chapter freez, (2021)No rules MagicIce creamFrostAnti Romantic 
singlesNine & three quarters(Run away)Cat & dogEver lasting shine Crown Love sight
The dream chapter (2019)New RulesMagic island 20 CM It ticklemeAnd popin star 
Still dreaming Angel or devil Blue hour Force Drama Can’t see me? Intro; dreaming 

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