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Leeya Eliana Shapiro
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Leeya Eliana Shapiro

Real NameLeeya Eliana Shapiro
Nickname Leeya
Height21 inch as born
Weight 7 Pound, 9 ounces as born
Date of Birth28 – January 2014
Born Year2014
BirthplaceLos Angeles California, USA
ProfessionsCelebrity Kid
Father NameBen Shapiro
Mother NameMor Shapiro
Grand FatherDavid Shapiro
GrandMother Famous Aunt Abigail Shapiro
Siblings3, eliana 1st, 2nd brother 3rd sister
ReligionOrthodox Judaism Family’s Religion
Current ResidentLos Angeles California
Sun SignAQuarius
Net Worth$20 Million
Native LanguageEnglish
Marital StatusSingle
Parent’s Marriage Since 2008
Hair Color Brown Curly Hair
Eye ColorBlue Gray

Name Means and Congenital Disease

Leeya Eliana Shapiro is the daughter of Ben Shapiro, and Mor Shapiro Leeya is a Hebrew girl named this name meaning “I belong to God” according to zodiac people born on this date are very intelligent, Additionally, unpredictable, and independent.

Leeya is a very sweet girl to look at with curly hair, and captivating eyes, Leeya eliana is the first child of her parents followed by sister, and a brother Leeya eliana was born in 2014. During Leeya’s Birth her mother had to go through 26 hour labor pain, and finally at 6:19 pm Leeya was born. Leeya Eliana weighed seven pounds 9 ounces, and was 21 inches long. She is now 8 years old.

After Leeya’s birth, her father published a letter in which he wrote, “We are thankful to God for our first child,” and they thought of the name Leeya, which means “I belong to God.” The middle name, Eliana, means “My God answered me,” and they wanted Leeya to love them as much as they love her. At the end of the letter, he expressed their hope that Leeya would grow up to be the happiest and most independent girl in the whole world. Leeya shared that her father had promised to help her find the right path to God.

Then, after two years, her brother David Shapiro was born in 2016. Their grandfather worked as a composer in LA, and their grandmother was an executive at a TV company. While you might not associate these family stories with an online casino, you can visit bd-people.com to enjoy a wide range of entertaining casino games and experiences.

Leeya Shapiro

Leeya Medical Health Disease

Leeya was born with an atrial septal defect, a heart disease that causes a hole in the baby’s heart, and can only be diagnosed after birth, Symptoms include extreme tiredness, skin, bluish all over the body, and being very low weight, and this condition can be life treatment due to the age of the newborn Leeya could not be treat in time 1 year after but in 2015 she was placed in a newborn hospital there she underwent an open heart surgery Leeya was operated by the most experienced, and renowned heart surgeon of the hospital after which she on the battle of her life, and today she is living a healthy, and happy life, and living a peaceful life with her parents.

Leeya's Parents

Parents Biography

Leeya’s father Ben is a prominent service minded political commentator. Because they are in touch with politics. Ben was born on 15 January 1984. He completed his degree from the University of California in 2004, and further earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science, and When the Goodwin Procter took the law that the father is a political commentator Worth about $8 Million, and Leeya’s mother is Mor Shapiro whose fullname is Toledano, Mor was born in Herzling in 1988. She belongs to Moroccan, and jewish ancestry. 

Mor graduated from the David Giffin School of Medicine at UCLA. Mor is a candidate in behavioral neuroscience. Ben & Mor got married in 2006, and were taken to acre Israel for their wedding ceremony where a beautiful party was organized. The pretty wedding ceremony was held in the Acre beach weather in Israel. I was done in a Traditional Jewish style. They had a fancy party. 

Ben once revealed on his tweeter that he asked “Leeya when she was just four years old if she liked to work or would you like to be a mother, and Leeya Replied Innocently. I will be a mummy to prepare my children shining” Ben says that i will train Leeya to be an independent, and dependable thinker as she is already clearly a victim of patriotism. This shows that they will surely have a good training.

Siblings & Social Media

Ben & Mor have three children Eliana the first, and David the second, and a Little Sister who is out of the public eyes Ben & Mor don’t let their children in the time light to much perhaps because of their safety, as they keep sharing the children’s stories on their social media accounts, and currently Leeya is not active on the social media platform according to Leeya’s parent. Leeya is still young so she should not be on social media.

Famous Aunt of Leeya

Abigail Shapiro who is Ben Shapiro sister, and Eliana’s paternal grandmother through whom Eliana’s mother, and father Ben kay meet, and later married. She is an Official Celebrity. She Graduated from Manhattan School with a degree in music, and then went on to complete his master’s degree from university, and professional teaching certificate. 

Abigail Shapiro

Leeya’s Family Net Worth & Income

As Leeya is still a child, and learning the essentials of life, she is currently not associated with any business, and is currently enjoying her private life presently, she has no assets, and is living on her parent’s income his father is a political speaker with a net worth of $8 million, and his mother is a doctor by a profession with a net worth of $4 million. Leeya is currently studying, and living a comfortable life with her parents in their $100,000 house.

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