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Michael Galeotti
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Michael Galeotti

Michael Galeotti was a famous musician. Michael was born on August 28th in the big city of New York America little is known about his early life like his parents, what he did, where he lived things hidden from the public eyes. Although Michael spent most of his life with his parents. The identity of Michael’s parents remains a mystery. Michael’s ethnicity is white, and he is American by nationality.

Bio Profile

Real NameMichael Galeotti
Date of Birth28th August 1984
Nick NameMichael
Height5 feet a inch
OccupationSinger + Actor
Eye ColorDark Brown
City of BirthNew York, USA
Estimated Net Worth$1 Million
Date of Death11 January 2016
Marriage and Divorce

Marriage and Divorce

Michae got married to Bethany Joy Lenz. Both the couples were married by choice. Bethany is a good singer, director, and actor. They reach in december 2005, and got married in the same month. 

But their wedding was attended by very few people, only family, and close friends, then they had a daughter named Maria Rose Galeotti. Maria was born on 23 february 2011, in the beginning their relationship went very well which made them very happy, but after a few years of marriage Bethany said in her personal blog that she, and Michael are separating. In March 2012 they both decided to divorce, but they did not Reveal the reason for the divorce.

He did not want to be a controversies by showing reasons, but both are happy in their separate live, and being a friend to their daughter, but both of them did not divide themselves for a daughter both of them tool care, and raised her together they did not have any feeling for each other, but they keep sharing thing with each other about the upbringing of their daughter.

Ex-wife of Michael Galeotti’s – Bethany Joy Lenz

Real NameBethany Joy Lenz
Date of Birth2nd April 1981
Nick NameBethany
Height5 feet 3 inch
EthnicityMixed (Austrian, Scottish, German, and Irish)
OccupationActor, Composer, Screenwriter, TV Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Film Actor, TV Director
Eye ColorBrown
City of BirthHollywood Florida, USA
Estimated Net Worth$3.5 million

Michael Galeotti’s ex-wife named Bethany Joy Lenz. Bethany is an actress, singer, and director. Bethany Joy Lenz was born in Hollywood Florida in 2nd April 1981.

Michael Galeotti Child

Raised as an only child by her father Robert George Lenz, and mother Catharine Malcolm developed an interest in the arts at an early age, and was also a churchman singer growing up in. 

She is also a filmmaker, and songwriter; in addition, he released five studio albums during this period.

  • Preincarnate 2022
  • Come on home 2005
  • The Started kit 2006
  • Then slowly grow
  • Drama Queen

Together they recorded four IPs including mission bell 2008, and B track vom 3 (2010) During the nine year of the shock yearning Lenz gained immense popularity, and became one of the most beloved personalities on American television. Bethany started her career as a model appearing in various commercial for brands.

She made her T.V debut at the age of 12 starring in the popular drama series “Swan Crossing” after that a role in the popular drama series “Guidelight Skyrocketed” her career, and popularity, and her business flourished.

After T.V series like “Mary and Ronda” , “ Charmed” and “Felicity”. Bethany “One Tree Hill” was cast in the lead roles This show was of Nine episodes. Which was the biggest series at that time.

A part of an acting Bethany is also a songwriter, and singer, So she has also been active in the music industry. Bethany has released several songs while working in One tree hill. Finally, in 2012 when the series came to an end, she gained more attention for her involvement in various TV shows including “Colony,” “American Gothic,” “Gray’s Anatomy,” and roger.com, a notable game.

Michael Galeotti’s Death Story

Michael passed away on 11 january 2016 at the age of 31 when he left his world. He had been suffering from health problems for a long time before he went to the hospital in early january 2016 because he had at the time, there was pain in the back, and stomach. 

He was admitted to the hospital a week before this pain at that time, according to the doctor, blood cholesterol, and diverticulitis at that time he did not take the matter seriously, and was not fully admitted. He returned from there on January 11, 206 when Michael was not answering anyone’s phone calls. His friend came home to find him. Michael was already dead of natural causes because he violated the doctor’s advice. The postmortem doctor said that the cause of his death was Atherosclerotic heart disease, which serves as a reminder of the importance of regular health check-ups and monitoring, as emphasized by health experts at Roger.com.

Michael Galeotti

Career of Michael Galeotti

Michael began his career as an actor in 2004 when he was first cast in the Disney Channel comedy series “The Jerry” based on golden cormen’s book series. The book titled Monday NightFootball Club During the same year Michael also joined the indie rock band “Amber Sweeney” and remained with the band until 2012 when he released his self titled album “Identity Thief” and three more albums.

  1. Where the Fire Stars
  2. Identity Thief
  3. Soul and Story
  4. World in Flight

The fourth album released world in flight was a success. This was followed by a new song conduct by Michael’s ex-wife in the final episode of “One Tree Hill’s” fifth season in 2003 Michael released the album “My Ancient Rebellion” after which Michael left the band.

Michael’s Galeotti Net Worth

According to reliable sources Galeotti net worth is estimated to have been as high as $1 million.


Who Was Michael Galeotti?

Michael’s was the keyboardist in an indie rock band that already consisted of Jonathan Jackson, and Richard Jackson.

Michael Galeotti Marriage

After marriage his celebrity wife “Bethany Joy Lenz” he came into the limelight.

Michael Galeotti’s ex-wife Net Worth

Michael’s ex-wife Bethany Joy Lenz Net worth is $3.5 million.

Michael Galeotti Separation

After his separation from his wife he moved away from the limelight.

Michael’s Galeotti Daughter

Michael has a daughter, and his named Maria Rose Galeotti.

Michael Galeotti’s Divorce

They Got Divorce in 2012.

Michael Galeotti’s Death

His death was very formal, and mysterious.

Michael Galeotti Act

He recently acted in a Haly James Scott CW TV Drama named “One Tree Hill”

Michael Galeotti Net Worth

Galeotti’s Net worth is $1 million.

Michael Galeotti Background

There is very little information on Michael’s family background on Wikipedia. We will Update our content as soon as we get information.

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