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Akkio Matsuura
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Who is Akiko Matsuura, and What is Net Worth, Family, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Dating, Wiki

Who is Akiko Matsuura?

Akiko Matsuura is a famous singer and drummer, she is a vibrant musician and she is multi-talented but perfect as a singer and drummer Currently a member of ROCK BAND, Actually, she began her music career with COMANECHI as a singer before joining THE BIG PINK as a Drummer. Akiko is currently a member of the British noise rock band P.R.E where she performs as a singer.

Early Life In Japan,

Famous music artist Akiko was born on 2 November 1980 in Osaka, Japan She is a Japanese drummer, guitarist, and singer with experience in music. She is the only child of his parents who once owned a Bar BQ restaurant, She had a lonely childhood she was mostly alone at home but she was very fond of music early on, Meanwhile, she dreamed of becoming a famous drama and musician, When her parents moved to London six years later, she was an accomplished pianist and drummer, Along with her passion for learning, she started helping her parents in the restaurant, Thus he had to create all the items in the menu. In an interview, she said that she likes fried things a lot, She is best known for being Charlie’s ex-girlfriend, She preferred Tokyo over London to further his career.


Akeex went to a local Elementary school in Osaka, but after her parents moved, she matriculated in a high school in 2012 in London. She also studied art for some years, And so for a few years he improved his painting skills, So, she is a multi-talented woman Who has some expertise in every field.

Quick Wiki Facts

Full NameAkiko Matsuura
Nick name Keex
Born on 2 November 1980 Osaka Japan 
Age 42 years old as of 2022
Education StatusUnspecified High School
ProfessionDrummer, Guitar player, and singer
Height 5 feet 3 inches (160cm)
Weight47 kg 103.
Marital statusSeparate
Ex-HusbandCharlie Heaton
Children1 Archie Heaton
Currently ResidenceUnited Kingdom
InstrumentsVocalist, Drums, Guitar 
Music groupComanechi, The Big Pink, Pre (since 2005)
Networth$1 Million 

Akiko Matsuura Music Career

Akiko’s life changed when she was six years old, And she watched a Japanese series about a female drummer in a boy rock band. After watching this series, she developed a desire to become a drummer, but she was apparently too young to learn the instrument at the time. She discovered American and British rock music at a very young age, Similarly, when she was six years old, she started playing the piano, And at the age of ten, she started learning drums, And when she turned twelve, she helped out with her parents in a restaurant, And by the time she turned 16, she could prepare entire restaurant menus. 

His parents knew that she was very passionate about music. And when she turned 18, they let her go to a university in England, And so, while continuing this journey, his dreams never stopped, And so again she took steps towards fulfilling his dreams, then they adopted a different style in each band, She worked with three famous bands named as follows “play Guitar Comanechi” “Play Drum The Rock Band” “Play Drum The Big Pink” “As a Singer P.R.E and Comanechi”

Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura Separation

Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura Separation
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Coming back to his love life with Charlie Heaton, the two first met at a mutual friend’s party and when they started dating, she was part of the group Comaneci, Akiko and Charlie got together because of music but now they are separated, However, their relationship did not last long and this couple is a serious romantic.

They separated after the birth of their son in 2014, However, no reason for the separation has been revealed, but both the parties do not talk about their relationship and are very private, It should be remembered that when his son was born, she was not married at that time, only in romantic love, According to some people, it is rumored that the reason for their separation is their significant age difference, At that time. 

Charlie was too young to be a father. Whatever the case may be, according to them, they are still friends, at least they both have access to the child for their son’s sake. Archie currently lives in London with his mother, Matsuura, who is not very active on social media despite being a celebrity and has been keeping a low profile since her breakup with Charlie. While on the other hand, her husband is dating Natalia Dyer who is the co-star of Stranger Things. The two are said to be obsessed with each other as they seem very much in love. 

Akiko Matsuura’s Son Archie

Archie was born on 19 May 2014 in England, Archie is a celebrity kid She is the only son of his parents with both his father’s and mother’s names attached to his name, Charlie’s full name is “Archie Heaton Matsuura” That is, half of the father’s name and half of the mother’s name are combined to form the full name of Archie. 

He is a British citizen and his zodiac sign is Taurus while his mother is a musician When Archie was born, his parents were not married, so his birth was kept away from the media. Only their love stories were popular at that time. Let us tell you that Charlie was twenty years old when his son was born. At present, this young boy is busy preparing for a bright future for himself with the help of his parents, apart from studying in primary school.

The Award, and Other Interested

The Big Pink received their Philip Hall Radar Award at the N.M.E. Shockwave Awards, winning in the category “Best New Act.”

  • Apart from this, she is very fond of animals, she mostly loves dogs and cats.
  • Akiko loves American food and she enjoys burgers the most and her favorite syrup is beer.
  • Also she loves fried things.
  • His favorite movie is Titanic.
  • Akiko likes to read books.

Song List

Safe and SoundThe Love That‘s Ours2022
DominosA Brief History of Love2009
Crystal VisionA Brief History of Love2009
VelvetA Brief History of Love2009

Akiko Matsuura Net Worth

Akiko Matsuura Net Worth
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There is no doubt that Akiko is one of the UK’s most talented and experienced drummers and singers, They have overcome countless obstacles in life, And because of the hard work she has earned a lot of wealth, Akiko Matsuura net worth is around one million dollars as of 2022, Who has made his fortune as a singer and musician in three bands in the UK, We hope that if they continue to work hard, their worth will definitely increase. we think Akiko Matsuura is about $1 Million as of 2022

Frequency Ask The Question 

Who is Akiko Matsuura?

He is a famous singer and drummer. 

How old is Akiko Matsuura?

Akiko is 41 years old as of 2022.

How many Children are Akiko and Heaton?

Only one kid of Akiko and charlie their name is “Archie”

How did you meet Akiko and Charlie?

She met Charlie through music.

Why did Akiko Matsuura and Charlie Heaton’s Relationship Break Up?

It is sad to say that the reason for their separation is not known but according to some sources, the reason for their separation is a heated argument that led to their separation.

Who is Akiko’s Ex-Husband Charlie Currently Dating?

American actor Charlie Heaton is currently dating American actress Natalia Dyer.

Where is Akiko Matsuura Currently Residing?

Akiko Matsuura currently resides in London with his son Archie.

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